About the Artist


Velsimo is an international street artist and photographer who started being publicly artsy in 2018 (and non-publicly artsy ever since she can remember). She creates tiny scenes in unexpected places and photographs them. Her subjects are on a scale of 1:87 (that’s teeny-tiny!). To get a sense of that scale, imagine you got your hands on Szalinski’s Shrinking Machine (from the movie Honey, I Shrunk the Kids) and you shrunk a six-foot-tall human down to two centimeters tall. That tiny person could comfortably sit on the edge of your fingernail.


  • Make people laugh.

  • Make people think.

  • Make people act.

She hopes her work can provoke thought, inspire action, and ultimately affect positive change in the world.


Velsimo is originally from Saskatchewan, Canada (a prairie girl!) and is currently based in Luxembourg.